Tofu and Soybean Milk Production Equipment

Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a top provider in tofu and soybean milk production equipment

Not only is Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. a pioneer in natto production equipment, but also is a top provider in tofu and soybean milk production area as well. Based on the long year accumulated knowhow and experience, our affiliated company, I-tech Suzuyo Co., Ltd., continues to conduct research and pursue further development regardless day and night. While protecting the spirit of tofu/soybean milk making, we also provide various new ideas and approaches to answer the increasing global demand on soybean food products, supporting both the domestic and overseas tofu/ soybean milk industries. Not only do we handle the equipment for preexisting methods, but we also provide all kinds of unique methods and equipment able to reduce the burden on tofu and soybean milk production while pursuing deliciousness and better quality. Please feel free to contact us.

The Five Special Features about Suzuyo Kogyo’s Production Plants

  • 01 Investment effect calculation, including constructional, drainage facility, and running costs
  • 02 Configuration layout for minimum operation route, cleaning time, and personnel
  • 03 The most suitable and ideal combination of machines, utilizing their strong points case by case regardless of manufactures for each process
  • 04 Investment effect calculation on short time delivery and startup of a production plant and lines, including constructional, drainage facility, and running costs
  • 05 Flexible maintenance system corresponding to customer’s request

Production Methods and Equipment for Tofu and Soybean Milk

  • Raw Material Processing Equipment
    • 1. Bean Washing Machines
    • 2. Grinding Devices
    • 3. Equipment for Ordinary Soaking Method
    • 4. Equipment for Limited Water Absorption Soaking Production Method
    • 5. Equipment for Non-Soaking Production Method
  • Soybean Milk Extraction Equipment
    • 1. Continuous Type Cooking Device (Preheater)
    • 2. Intermittent Type Cooking Pots (Super Stream Dome)/ Automatic Double Barrel Type, Single Barrel Type, Semi-automatic Type
    • 3. Tofu Refuse (Okara) Squeezing Machines
    • 4. Continuous Type Deaerator for Soybean Milk
    • 5. Apparatus for Beverage Type Soybean Milk such as Soybean Milk Sterilizers (U.H.T = Ultra High Temperature), etc.
  • Coagulating and Molding Equipment
    • 1. Automatic Continuous Type Coagulating and Molding Devices (Corresponding to various types of containers)
    • 2. Round Type Coagulating Devices
    • 3. Electronic Coagulating Device
    • 4. Warm Soybean Milk Coagulating Devices
    • 5. Soybean Milk and Magnesium Chloride Blending Coagulating (inline) Device for Packaged Lactone Silken Tofu (Juten tofu)
  • Cutting, Filling, and Packaging Equipment
    • 1. Automatic Underwater Cutting Device (Cutcaser)
    • 2. All Types of Packaging Machines (Top sealing type packaging machines)
    • 3. All Kinds of Conveyors
    • 4. Ultrasonic Cutting Device for Deep-fried Tofu (Atsuage)
  • Equipment for Sterilization, Secondary Packaging, and Stockyard
    • 1. Continuous Type Steam Sterilizing Tanks (Bucket type boiling and cooling tanks)
    • 2. Stacking Type Secondary Packaging Machines
    • 3. Packing Devices for Plastic Containers (Auto-caser)
    • 4. Packing Devices for Carboard Boxes (Cardboard-box-caser)

For the production equipment of other foods, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. can also be the most ideal vendor to handle your projects.