Processing Equipment for Other Foods

Various types of equipment for other foods are also available

For production performance improvement, Optimization, Labor saving, Quality improvement, Small amount but wide variety of products
Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. handles all kinds of equipment indispensable to food production. Whether it is to newly start up food production in Japan or overseas, or necessary for introducing only a part of equipment for preexisting production, please feel free to contact us. Regardless of the size of production scale, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. is able to provide the best practice and solution to meet your request.

Honey Production Equipment

Honey Production Plants & Service Content

  • 1Honey Production Equipment
  • 2Honey Filtration and Adsorption Treatment Techniques
  • 3Honey Refining Plants
  • 4Ultrafiltration (Deproteinization, UF)
  • 5Weighing Process: Automatic Weighing Device (Simple type/ Precision type)
  • 6Piping Equipment (CIP cleaning system)
  • 7Consulting (Product planning, Production guidance, etc.)

The Features of the Equipment and Techniques

  • Honey Filtration and Adsorption Treatment Techniques

    In addition to honey, many other foods served on our tables associating with honey bees. When honey bees visit flowers, they help pollination and fructification of vegetables and fruits. However, it does not mean that all types of flower nectar are tasty. There are some typical types of honey such as buckwheat, etc. which receive bad rating for their taste despite the fact that these plants are desirable for honey bees to perform pollination. Although buckwheat is a type of crop that large harvest can be expected via the intervention of insects, its honey harvested has dark color and a strong smell which reduce its commercial value. As a result, the technique to remove the color and smell from the buckwheat honey has been developed so that its utility value as processed honey can be raised.

  • 01

    Ultrafiltration (Deproteinization, UF)

    In case of mixing with other foods, honey could cause some issues.
    -- It causes less rise in bread or sponge cakes
    -- It causes sedimentation in fruit beverages
    -- It reduces the viscosity of stews and sauces such as curry, Korean BBQ, etc.
    All these phenomena result from the proteins (mainly the enzymes) of honey. It is possible to remove these proteins via ultrafiltration (UF) membranes.

  • 02

    Total Solution

    Other than buckwheat, the color quality and/or the flavor of the honey produced from Solidago canadensis, Zanthoxylum ailanthoides, etc. are not particularly desirable as is for household use, and this type of honey is also difficult to be utilized as an industrial raw material. So far, activated carbon and amphoteric ion-exchange resin have been used to remove these proteins. However, these materials are difficult to handle because of the workability and pH change. Since the resin technology is improving, from the aspect of performance and workability, this technique has made remarkable progress. In addition to the color quality and flavor, it is possible to reduce HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural) and pesticide residue antibiotics as well.

  • 03

    Refined Honey (Decolorized, Deodorized, and Deionized Honeys)

    Honey contains many types of ionic substances such as organic acids, minerals, amino acids, etc. In case of utilizing honey as an ingredient for other foods, these substances may be impeditive. Therefore, deionization process is necessary.

The production of processed foods using ultrafiltrated, decolorized or deodorized honey

These types of processed honeys via ultrafiltration cannot be sold as pure honey due to the fact that their enzymes such as diastase and the like, and ingredients such as pollen, etc. are removed. However, not only is it ideal to utilize these honeys for producing honey steeped fruits or use them as an ingredient for other processed foods, but it is also possible to maximize their fields of application as well as increasing their added values and making a difference in your products.

Bean Sprout Production Equipment

Bean Sprout Production Equipment & Service Content

  • 1Water Current Stirring Type Bean Sprout Washing System Line
    (Corresponding to all kinds of bean sprouts such as mung beans, black grams, soybeans, etc.)
  • 2Basket Cylinder Inversion Type Seed Heating Sterilization Device
    (With automatic seed weighing device and stock silo)
  • 3Soybean Sprout Blanching and Cooling System
    (Basket inversion conveyance type heating and cooling system)
  • 4Other Production Equipment for Bean Sprouts
    (Equipment for cultivation chamber related, root cutting and inspection, washing line, weighing and packaging, processed bean sprout production, etc.)

The Features of the Equipment and Techniques

  • 01

    Water Current Stirring Type Bean Sprout Washing System LineCorresponding to all kinds of bean sprouts such as mung beans, black grams, soybeans, etc.

    The most superior “bean sprout washing” system line offered by the pioneer of washing machines, able to process over 2 ton/hour of workload.

    • Possible to improve the product quality via a unique spiral washing system.
    • Drastically improved water saving effect by utilizing pump's circulating water for cleaning and reusing overflow water.
    • Collectively separating and collecting the removed husks and roots, and realizing yield rate improvement by reducing the loss occurred during conveyance.
    • As the structure of each machine is made simple, It is possible to clean every part of the machines.
    • Able to design machines and provide layouts in accordance with customers' factory structures and need.
    1Feeding Stage
    Able to produce machines according to cultivation carriers.
    2Feeding Conveyer
    Shower scraper for preventing adhesion is equipped.
    3Bean Sprout Spiral Washman
    Using spiral water current to disentangle bean sprouts and remove the husks. The removed husks are automatically separated and collected. This unique washing system is the most ideal system, able to raise yield rate, save water, and improve quality.
    4Stock Pin Conveyer
    Since its guide can be removed without using any tools, every part of the belt surface can be thoroughly cleaned. In addition to this, via the one-touch belt loosening mechanism, it is possible to clean the back side of the belt and the roller part. Also, this conveyer equips shower scraper, able to prevent adhesion.
    5Root Cutting Machine
    Not only is a new method employed to perform cutting, but the machine also handles mug beans, black grams, and soybeans. Via the method of pump circulation, the cut roots are automatically separated and collected. Additionally, the machine can be dismembered and cleaned without using any tools.
    *Depending on the shapes and types of bean sprouts, the capacity and root cutting rate would be different.
    *The work stage on the driving section side is optional.
    6Vibratory Conveyer
    By giving a final wash after the roots are removed, product quality can be improved. Due to reutilizing the overflow water, it provides water saving effect.
    7Pin Conveyer
    Air nozzles are equipped to prevent adhesion.
    8Dewatering Machine
    By placing the blower within the lower part of the frame, the top part of the conveyer equips only ejecting nozzles, which is able to prevent foreign objects from falling into the products. The machine can be dismembered and cleaned without using any tools.
    9Image Processing Type Foreign Body Discharge Device (Optional)
    By dividing foreign body detection zone into 4 sections, it is possible to minimize the quantity of removal of confirming articles. In addition to this, not only can its sensibility be adjusted according to the condition of bean sprouts, but it also equips one-touch belt loosening mechanism.
    10Distribution Conveyer
    Changeable type for normal rotation and reverse rotation. Scraper and one-touch belt loosening mechanism are installed.
    *Receiving mechanism is optional.

    Note: Processing capacity, root cutting rate, etc. would change depending on bean sprouts' types and shapes.
  • 02

    Basket Cylinder Inversion Type Seed Heating Sterilization Device With automatic seed weighing device and stock silo

    The deciding factor to keep seeds alive while removing bacteria is to utilize water current to perform consistent stirring and sterilization. By automatically controlling sterilization temperature and time, it is possible to produce more stable products. This "Seed Heating Sterilization Device" is able to fully demonstrate its processing power with a capacity of 1,500kg per hour.

    1The feeding amount to the basket can be automatically measured via arbitrary setting. (Touch-panel setting)
    2It is possible to perform the settings of the number of times to feed the cultivation carriers via touch-panel. (an outlet sensor is installed.)
    3Sterilization temperature and time are automatically controlled, and the processing is performed via water current stirring in a uniform and equal manner. (Touch-panel setting)
    4Via water current stirring washing, the contamination on the surface of the seeds can certainly be removed, which gives great contribution to the quality improvement. (Water nozzle specification)
    5Through the shower mechanism when the basket is inverted, it is possible to achieve no adhesion to the interior of the basket. (Intermediate stop during reverse rotation dewatering specification)
    6Via the hood frame, it shuts out the steam and makes work environment remain comfortable. (Elevating type window)
    ・Possible to design the machine according to the height of the cultivation carriers.
    ・Able to bring water saving effect by reutilizing the overflow water from the cooling system at the preheating tank.
  • 03

    Soybean Sprout Blanching and Cooling SystemBasket inversion conveyance type heating and cooling system

    Blanching temperature and time are automatically controlled, which leads to more stable production. By integrating the boiling and cooling processes, it is possible to effectively handle continuous operations, get released from the conventional carrying and stirring work, and further improve the productivity.

    1Time and Temperature Control
    It is possible to set boiling and cooling time via touch-panel and able to always boil bean sprouts with the set time. The temperature is also automatically adjusted to maintain at the temperature set.
    2Stirring Mechanism
    Using aeration nozzles to equally stir the bean sprouts inside of the basket and stabilize the quality.
    3Cylinder Driving Type Inversion Device
    Since the mechanism of the device has less malfunction, it is reliable and safe to use. Via the intermediate stop mechanism, there is no need to move the water to the next tank, and the bean sprouts are automatically conveyed.
    4Hood Frame
    The hood frame shuts steam out and maintains the working environment comfortable. The elevating type window can be easily opened and shut by a single hand in a vertical manner. As there is no need to remove the window, it is hygienic, and there is no concern about damaging the window.
    *Depending on the layout, elevating type window may be unavailable in some cases.

In addition to the processes of removing husk, washing, and root cutting, we are also able to provide suggestions for continuous production lines.

Spiral Washman
Via spiral water currents, it disentangles bean sprouts and removes their husks. The removed husks are automatically separated and collected. This unique washing system is the most ideal system, able to raise yield rate, save water, and improve quality.
Root Cutting Machine
A new method is employed to perform cutting. Via the method of pump circulation, the cut roots are automatically separated and collected. The machine can be dismembered and cleaned without using any tools.
*Depending on the shapes and types of bean sprouts, the capacity and root cutting rate would change.

Processing Equipment for Other Foods

Food Processing Equipment & Service Content

  • 1Production equipment for vegetable juice
    (Juicing, drying, oxidizing, maturing, and fermentation treatments)
  • 2Equipment for processed vegetable products
    (Vegetable washing, dewatering, pretreatment, heating, cooking, and retort sterilization)
  • 3Production lines for boiled noodles (frozen and chilled), and weighing/ bundling machines
  • 4Blanching cooling equipment, and boiling equipment
  • 5All types of filling machines (for solid, fluid, viscous, wrapping filling types)
  • 6All types of packaging machines (belt wrapping, pillow, gazette, shrink, and tetra types, etc.)
  • 7Retort food sterilizing equipment, and boiling and cooling systems
  • 8Production equipment for bread, confectionery, etc.

The Features of the Equipment and Techniques

  • 01

    Retort Food Sterilizing Device

    Hot water jet type cooking sterilizer which employs high temperature and high pressure to sterilize foods in such containers as pouches, cups, cans, bottles, etc. Not only is it able to perform sterilization, but it also feeds prepared food and liquid seasoning into pouches, as well as performing cooking at the same time as sterilizing. Since it is able to cook the raw food placed inside of the pouches, the cooking time can be shortened and work efficiency can be significantly improved. If liquid seasoning is fed, cooking and sterilizing can be simultaneously performed. In addition to these, sterilization can be performed in an equal and uniformed manner.

  • 02

    Automatic filling and packaging machine corresponding to retort foods

    This type of machine is superior in filling soup type and curry-like products and able to perform solid type food filling as well. It is suitable for retort food, household dish, liquid seasoning, and fruit beverage filling and packaging.

  • 03

    Pressure Vacuum Type Clinoaxis Kneader (Low sound pressure vacuum pot)

    A type of pressure clinoaxis kneader, which heats and mixes food under high temperature and pressure. As it heats and cooks food while performing mixing utilizing high temperature, it is able to provide short time uniformed cooking, which can drastically reduce the cooking time. Also, it is possible to sterilize heat-resistant bacteria via a heat treatment of 100 degrees Celsius or higher.

  • 04

    Oven for granola, bread, baked confectionery (Super oven)

    From sweetened buns to baguettes, the super oven produces light and fluffy textured products. It is able to make it so the bread dough is deliberately fermented and matured, and an integrated operation of fermentation, maturing, and baking can be performed by one machine.

  • 05

    Other Production Equipment

    *Water current conveyance type vegetable washing machine
    *Rotating pot with kneading device attached
    *Liquid feeder for bottled juice
    *Semi-auto seaming device for canning
    *Deaeration device (steam type)
    *Exclusive stand for multi-cooker
    *Metal detector, etc.

Production Management System

Suzuyo Kogyo’s Food Manufacturing System

In production management, the information unification of accurate plans for demand and supply is needed. Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive system which includes a series of operations from order acceptance to product distribution. It is an ERP core packaged software for key operation processing, which is able to control the data from order acceptance to distribution in an integrated and real time manner particularly developed for the food industry (such as food-service, ready-made meal, food manufacturing, food processing, and food distribution industries).

What is Suzuyo Kogyo’s Food Manufacturing System?

The food manufacturing industry’s knowhow
is fully gathered and incorporated into this ERP package!

  • Sales Control
  • Recipe Control
  • Customer Control
  • Master Control
  • POS Control
  • Simulation
  • Production Control
  • Cost Control
  • Purchasing and Ordering Control
  • Consumption and Shelf Life Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Distribution Control
  • 01

    Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. provides a well-integrated system called "Food Manufacturing System", which is the most successful ERP operation packaged software in the food manufacturing industry, and it is implemented as standard specification with an affordable price able to realize short time introduction.

  • 02

    “Food safety and security” is depending on IT introduction. The method of realizing “Food safety and security” is to unify the management of databases. Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive system which covers a series of operations from order acceptance to distribution/delivery.

  • 03

    Utilizing our enormous knowhow accumulated from the food manufacturing industry, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. provides support on establishing a system for the basic infrastructure of your company’s business management.

  • 04

    As a total integrator, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. provides not only data processing service for optimizing and standardizing operations but also such a service that does not allow discontinuance of information flow.

  • 05

    Loss control (for sales, manufacturing, inventory, and distribution), product cost control (for recipe cost, average cost, and the latest cost), demand forecast, production forecast, and manufacturing process control are available.

  • 06

    A certified instructor/ nutritionist is provided to perform support trainings on master registration and practical use, including recipe, etc.

  • 07

    Many optional functions corresponding to IoT, POP (Point of Production), HACCP, IC tag traceability, and voice data entry are available.

  • 08

    Support from the professional consultants of our partner thinktank is available (chargeable service).

Handling of the Challenges

Accurate Planning for Demand
Unification of Information
  • Sales Related

    Accurate forecast for demand (Sales planning)

    Increase of Sales
    • Pursuing customer and market needs
    • Highly accurate forecast for demand (Sales planning)
    • Sales analyses by category (such as customers and products)
    • Realizing settlement on a daily basis
  • Production Related

    Production plan able to meet the demand

    Improvement in Operation Rate
    • Unifying product recipe
    • Standardizing and optimizing production plan
    • Automatic creation of manufacturing instruction
    • Production process traceability
  • Inventory Related

    Realtime inventory quantity

    Improvement in Operation Rate
    • Automatic variation of theoretical inventory quantity
    • Appropriate amendment of actual inventory
    • Confirmation of inventory history
    • Inventory control of products in progress
  • Purchase Related

    Purchase plan able to
    meet the actual demand

    Cost Reduction in Purchasing Price
    • Automatic data generation for ordering based on production plan and inventory quantity
    • Data generation for ordering, for which suppliers’ lead time is taken into consideration
    • Cost reduction in ordering via long-term plan
    • History control for ingredients purchased
  • Distribution Related

    Distribution plan able to
    meet the actual demand

    Cost Reduction in Distribution
    • The most ideal arrangement of supplying plan
    • Online shopper at home confirmation via the internet
    • Real time confirmation of product stock quantity
    • Able to handle spot delivery

Corresponding to a Wide Range of Industries

Food Manufacturing and Food Processing Industries
Daily and chilled foods, seafood processing, livestock processing, agricultural product processing, confectionery production and bread making, retort and frozen foods, seasoning, beverages, functional foods, foods for medical use, etc.
Ready-made Meal Industry
Daily dish and boxed meal manufacturing, catering and lunch service industries (for companies, schools, hospitals, care services), process centers, etc.
Food Service Industry
Corporate bodies running multiple franchise or chain stores, restaurants, fast food/ family restaurants, central kitchens, hotels, and other types of restaurants.
Food Distribution Industry
Supermarkets, food production, wholesale businesses, import goods processing and sales, distribution centers, etc.

For the production equipment of other foods, please also feel free to contact us.