Suzuyo's Fortes

The six fortes why Suzuyo Kogyo is chosen

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Suzuyo Kogyo’s
Full-line Service

Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. is able to provide a "Comprehensive Service with One Step Approach"

  • 01Planning
    • Consulting, Product planning, Concept designing, Application procedure support, Support on selecting plant locations, Calculating return on investment, Product design
  • 02Designing
    • Field investigation, Machine selection, Reference drawings for construction, Layout plans for equipment, Creating work schedule, Providing trial calculations on personnel arrangement, Simulation
  • 03Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing machine, Developing automatic control devices, Maker control (delivery time/ quality), Contractor control (electricity, construction, and others), Quality/ Performance control, Building time/ work schedule control, Project management
  • 04Testing
    • Machine performance testing, Trial operation of machines, Production process combining testing, Tuning, Performance optimization, Machine configuration adjustment, Operation plan testing
  • 05Trainings
    • Creating manuals, Providing guidance on how to produce products, Giving guidance on quality control and hygiene management, Providing trainings on how to maintain machines, Creating training materials, Giving guidance on how to comply with regulations and ordinance
  • 06Maintaining
    • Performing machine maintenance, Conducting on-site maintenance, Videophone support, Performing an overhaul, Repairing/ Reconditioning/ Remodeling, Adjusting/ Tuning, Giving an examination on next equipment for remodeling

Suzuyo Kogyo's
Total Service

Total coordination of operation flow for natto production
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Selecting Machines
  • Manufacturing and Installing
  • Production Guidance
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Raw Material Processing Equipment

  • Bean Washing and Soaking Equipment

  • Cooking Equipment

  • Fermentation Equipment

  • Packaging Equipment

  • Automated Lines

Providing knowhow on designing manufacturing plant and
the most ideal coordination on plant layout

Based on long year abundant experience and knowledge, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
provides the most effective and optimal plant layouts while maximumly taking the employees' operation route into consideration.

  • Example process for natto production Bean Washing and Soaking
  • 01Feeding soaked beans into cooking pot, utilizing the second floor Cooking
  • 02Feeding cooked beans from cooking pot to filling machine Filling
  • 03Placing packed natto into fermentation chambers Fermentation
  • 04Moving fermented natto to the primary refrigerators Maturing
  • 05Conveying matured natto to the secondary packaging machine Secondary Packaging
  • 06Placing packaged natto into the secondary refrigerators Stock yard
  • 07Through docking terminal, the products are shipped by trucks