Natto Production Equipment

Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in natto production equipment

A pioneer in natto production equipment
with more than 50 years of
experience and achievement

Manpower saving, Optimization, Quality and yield rate improvement

Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. handles all kinds of equipment necessary for natto production. Whether it is to newly start up natto production in Japan or overseas, or necessary for introducing only a part of equipment for preexisting production, please feel free to contact us. Regardless of the size of production, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. is able to provide the best practice and solution to meet your request.

How about making superfood natto using locally produced soybeans?

If you are interested in producing natto, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
is able to provide a comprehensive service and is the most reliable vender to handle your project.

  • To promote and develop a unique and healthy product for your region
  • For business owners having already engaged in soybean food production and hoping to develop new products
  • For individuals and business owners hoping to join superfood, healthy food, or vegan diet business
  • The reason why we recommend introducing natto production equipment

  • 01

    No complicated machine and equipment
    is needed

    Apart from manual process, it mainly requires only the following equipment to produce natto.
    ・ Soybean cooking process --> Small type cooking pot
    ・ Fermentation process --> Small type fermentation chamber

  • 02

    The production and running costs
    are inexpensive

    • *The raw materials needed are only soybeans and natto starter (bacillus natto).
    • *As the operation requires only a small number of machines, it does not produce much waste water nor industrial waste.
    • *Possible for a small group of individuals or personnel to produce and run.

Introduction Flow

A total full-line service is provided

  • 01 layout, which includes architectural planning, and equipment planning
  • 02 Investment effect calculation
  • 03Procurement and supply of soybeans (raw material), natto starter, sauce, packaging materials, etc.
  • 04Manufacturing, selling, delivering, and installing natto production equipment
  • 05Natto production trainings, which include production method, hygiene, maintenance, and the tips of how to make high quality and delicious natto
  • 06Machinery and equipment maintenance

Natto Production Process

  • Raw Material Processing
    As most soybeans are produced at different regions, have different colors and shapes, and contain a lot of foreign objects such as earth, sand, stones, dust, organic matter, etc., it is necessary to remove those impurities and perform sorting and screening before the main production.
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  • Bean Washing and Soaking
    Once the soybeans are sorted and screened, a bean washing machine is used to clean the beans for removing those impure objects attaching to the seed coats. Following the washing process, the soybeans are then soaked to the water for water absorption so that the cooking and bacillus natto inoculation processes can be efficiently performed.
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  • Cooking Process
    In order to make it so the soybeans' softness is appropriate for Natto bacteria reproduction and humans' mouthfeel, the soaked soybeans are cooked via high pressure after soaking. Through the cooking process, not only the soil microorganisms attaching to the soybeans’ surface are sterilized, but also the soybeans' structure is softened, which enables the soluble component of the grain to leach to the surface of the seed coats.
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  • Inoculation of Bacillus Natto
    The process to equally distribute and adhere the spores of bacillus natto to the cooked soybeans is called inoculation. Mainly, a spray type device or a watering pot is used to scatter and inoculate bacillus natto to the soybeans.
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  • Filling Process
    Regarding filling operation, there are two types of methods having been practiced, machinery filling or manual filling. For most people who do not have the knowledge of natto production, it is thought that natto would be filled into containers after fermentation process takes place and it is sold in such a manner. However, the actual process is to fill inoculated soybeans into the containers first and then proceed to the fermentation process.
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  • Fermentation Process
    During natto production process, fermentation is considered to be the most important process. The fermentation process of natto is short-term maturing type process. To describe in an extreme manner, natto’s quality is determined within 15-16 hours. The fermentation process is mainly separated into 4 phases, (1st phase) Precooling. (2nd phase) Germination and Reproduction, (3rd phase) Fermentation, and (4th phase) Maturing and Forced cooling, and the key point is temperature and humidity control.
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  • Refrigerated Maturing
    Maturing process is normally conducted under 5 degrees Celsius, and during the secondary packaging and sorting process, temperature needs to be properly controlled while paying attention to the fact that the product temperature does not rise as well as making sure that the secondary reproduction of bacillus natto does not occur.
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  • Secondary Packaging and Distribution
    Following the fermentation and low temperature maturing process, the products finally reach to the distribution phase. The products, which have been kept at low temperature and matured, are commercialized after secondary packaging is performed, for which there are many different types of packaging methods. The sufficiently cooled down products are then distributed to the costumers via refrigeration trucks and deliciously served on the tables of households.
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Regarding Handling of Secondary Materials

Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. also handles and sells secondary materials such as containers, plastic film, sauce, mustard, natto starters, etc., and we can provide perfect Japanese materials able to answer all your needs as well as resolving your problems.

Sauce, Mustard, and Seasoning
We are able to provide small packages of seasoning based on customer’s requests on both flavor and amount (able to print company logo or unique illustration on the film).
Film and Packaging Materials
We are able to provide film and packaging materials based on customer’s requests (able to print your logo or unique illustration on the film.)
Natto Containers
We are able to provide containers such as round cup, 100 mm square, and other types of containers based on customer’s requests on both size and materials. (e.g. plastic, styrene foam, paper, etc.)
Natto Starters
We handle and sell all types of Natto bacteria used in Japan in both powdered and liquid forms. (Miyagino, Naruse, Takahashi, and other types of natto bacteria)

Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. is able to supply all necessary materials with "One-stop" approach!

For the production equipment of other foods, Suzuyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. can also be
the most ideal vendor to handle your projects.